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I need a personal links page. Everyone has one. So mine goes here... Although most of this is related to LucasArts and/or SCUMM Revisited, a tiny bit of the stuff might just be pages that I like. And some info on linking to SCUMM Revisited.

LucasArts Hacking Resources
General LucasArts/Lucasfilm Resources
Other Stuff From My Less Than Sane Mind
A Collection of Tools, Articles and Other References for LucasHackers
Other Stuff
Linking to SCUMM Revisited

LucasArts Hacking Resources:

The ultimate resource for peeks into the non-shooter side of LucasArts!

Code Alliance
THE experts on LEC shooters - Jedi Knight, Outlaws, X-Wing, Dark Forces etc. They're the writers of the very impressive specs for these games, some of which I used in SCUMM Revisited. Great stuff!

Weevil's Annotation Assistant
The homepage of an impressive tool, written by Weevil, which automatically generates (high quality, I might add) SCUMM Revisited annotation files for Grim Fandango and CMI voice files. It's for DOS, but will run under Windows.

The Game File Format Site
This site, owned by Benjamin Haisch (who collaborates with me on the SMUSH decoding), is still rather new. It features programs and sources for exploring file formats from various PC games, including some sources for extracting .LAB and .BUN files.

General LucasArts/Lucasfilm Resources:

LucasArts Official Site
Take a wild guess what that'll lead you to. I'll just quickly add to the list of Lucas sites: The Official Lucasfilm site and The Official Indiana Jones site. Hmmm... I think I'll just leave out The Official Star Wars site...

Still one of my favorite LucasArts fan sites. This site has the most different design of any LEC page by any standards, the most accurate info (Haven't caught the owner making a mistake yet :), the most massive amount of information, graphics, music etc. that you'll find on any site dedicated to all the LEC games.

The Monkey Island SCUMM Bar
What can I say? No LucasArts site comes close to being as comprehensive, well done, and neatly designed as the SCUMM Bar. Everything you need to know about the Monkey Island series is here.

The International House of MOJO
My own host, and the host of quite an assortment of other great LucasArts sites (including the SCUMM Bar, The Mansion, the Michael Land Homepage and several other pages).
If the official site isn't enough (and can anyone truthfully say it is?), here's a more comprehensive and unofficial site. Quite my favorite of the bunch - not seeing Star Wars mentioned everywhere is certainly a plus.

Other Stuff From My Less Than Sane Mind:
(some in collaboration with others)

HighLand Productions
Andrew Langley (telarium) and I created this "company" quite a while ago, to provide the LEC community with high quality MIDIs from LucasArts games. There, you'll find MIDIs, mp3s etc. from most of the adventures we all know and love.

Script Creator for Rebel Adventure Making Maniacs - probably the most insane idea of mine ever, and therefore also the first web project that I distanced myself from. I no longer have anything to do with SCRAMM (other than looking forward to its release), but nevertheless, if James ever gets this "completed", it's sure to be the most impressive tool for adventure game creation!

From my more personal side comes this piece of web experiment - a part of the lugubrious game or Stouth-Rief - intellectual property of Josh Raymond (MrNemo), which right now is only a web page, but hopefully, sometime in the not so near future, will be an adventure game, made in SCRAMM. Certainly the webpage of mine that I like the most, and can continue reading without getting nauseous, but not many others agree...

Sergei Rachmaninoff and Sergei Sergeivich Prokofiev
These two pages are for anyone wondering about where my nick stems from. No, I made neither of the pages. No, I'm not a Russian. Yes, the 'i' in Sergei disappeared because on IRC, Sergei was taken - and Serge is one of the English forms of the name Sergei.

A Collection of Tools, Articles and Other References for LucasHackers:

IDA Pro Disassembler
By Ilfak Guilfanov. Not the easiest to use (or cheapest) disassembler around, but with no exceptions certainly the best!

Much cheaper, much easier, and quite great disassembler.

NuMega SoftICE Debugger
The very best of Windows debuggers. Once again, far from easy, and far from cheap.

Hacker's View (HIEW)
A DOS hex editor - the one I use. Small, but stuffed with great features.

Hex Workshop
If you're not the DOS kind of person, maybe Hex Workshop will come in more handy than HIEW. A total Windows hex solution :)

Programmer's Tools
Those weren't enough? Well, then go to this excellent list of tools for more!

The Art of Assembly Language Programming
This is probably the best book written on the subject of assembly language programming, and thus very useful to SCUMM hackers dealing with disassembly too. A very nice introduction (and beyond) to this, for programmers, almost forgotten "language".

Achim's File-Format Library
An extremely comprehensive site on file formats. There isn't the standard (and not-so-standard) file format specification that you can't find here! But don't expect to find SCUMM specs ;)

Wotsit's Format
Another great file formats collection. Less than Achim's (he includes all of these), but more easily readable, and quite a nice design!

The Programming Language Lua
Official site of the Lua programming language for extending applications. This is the scripting language that was used for Grim Fandango's engine.

Other Stuff:

Nihilistic Software
Here's a group of people whose soon-to-be-released game is what I've been waiting for ever since 3D took over the game industry. A great looking game, with some incredibly innovative ideas (that's rare for 3D games...), based on a famous pen and paper Role Playing Game: Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption. And yes, this is somewhat Lucas-related, although in a peculiar way... The lead programmers, on the game engine were programming leads and co-designers on Dark Forces, Rebel Assault, Jedi Knight, Mysteries of the Sith, Infernal Machine etc., creating the engines that were later used in such games such as Shadows of the Empire, X-Wing vs. Tie-Fighter, Grim Fandango, Force Commander and more! The 3D Art Technician worked on Jedi Knight, Mysteries of the Sith and Force Commander. And the gameplay technician worked as a level designer on Jedi Knight, Mysteries of the Sith and Pod Racer. This game has gotten me really excited! Go there! Now!

Linking to SCUMM Revisited:

Some people who've already linked to SCUMM Revisited have been asking why I don't have one of those immensely popular animated GIF buttons. The answer is simple: I'm not a graphics artist :) But I pulled myself together and did this little thing along with the redesign:

SCUMM Revisited

Adding this button to your site is simple, just add a piece of HTML like this:

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And that's it! :) You may of course just use a standard text link instead. If so, just be sure to link to, as that's where SCUMM Revisited will stay the next many years (?) :)

Also, please be aware that you linking to SCUMM Revisited does not necessarily mean I'll link to you. This links page is mainly for links to some of my own personal interests, and to other Lucas hacking pages and resources. I don't have any intention to add 500 Monkey Island related links etc. Sorry. However, if you have a unique site that might be of interest to LucasArts fans (and me), be sure to tell me about it, and I might add it :)