SCUMM Revisited
Last update: Sunday, September 02, 2001

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Download it!

To install the program, download it, unzip the executable and the help file to the directory where you want it placed (there is no installation program), and run scummrev.exe.

The program will create three directories (Annot, Flash and Temp) and setup its own registry entries on the first run. To add icons to the desktop and/or start menu, look at the Installation page of the Options window inside the program - there you'll also find an uninstall button, which will remove the registry entries and desktop/start menu icons if you have added those.

Before using the program, I suggest you read (at least some of) the help file. Especially the part called "A Word of Warning" and the part called "The Future and Known Issues"! Now, here's the download: (404K)
Same file via HTTP

HTML Documentation
For people having troubles with HTMLHelp or with Microsoft in general, here is the help file in uncompiled HTML form. Download the .zip, unzip it to a directory of your choice, and open toc.html in your browser. (95K)
Same file via HTTP

You may also look at the help file online, from here.

The files found on the page linked to below, you may not wish to download. Annotations are files that SCUMM Revisited uses to supply the user with helpful titles for the various blocks. If you wish to go explore without safety net (and isn't that the most fun? :), don't download any of those yet. If you want them, download the ones you need to your Annot directory.


CMI/GF Debugging Package
This archive is not directly related to SCUMM Revisited. It contains three files (and text documentation) for using the debug features of CMI and Grim Fandango. I cannot stress enough that this is not intended for beginners. This is for people wanting a peek into the debugging stuff of the two mentioned games. I take no responsibility for any damages to your saved games or whatever. (216K)
Same file via HTTP

Suggestions, comments, praise, disapproval, bug reports (apart from the few known issues listed in the help file) etc. are very welcome - as well as new annotation files. Send it all to:

That's all.