SCUMM Revisited
Last update: Sunday, September 02, 2001

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Version Date of Release Changes September 5, 1999
  • Added CMI cutscene music decompression.
  • Finally turned the opening of resource files to read-only, while before it was read/write - even though no writing would be done, obviously. For some reason I couldn't get this to work before. This should get rid of at least some of the strange "File not found or inaccessible" errors, and may even increase performance when analyzing files.
  • Fixed a bug related to the use of Flash files, causing several different types of errors, such as .lab WAV files being corrupted when decompressed.
  • Fixed a bug causing blocks to be expandable more than once when using the "+" key on the numeric keyboard.
  • Decreased the amount of time the program spends on cleaning up when closed. June 11, 1999
  • Added support for the Sam & Max BOMP images.
  • Added support for GF .bm images (only two of them so far, though).
  • Added more support for the new Phantom Menace game - .WAVs and .BMPs supported, as well as icons added for all .lab file entries.
  • Added support for decrypting the file which contains all voice file names in Grim Fandango along with their dialogue line - quite useful for people looking for specific voice files in this game. Also notice that CMI has such a file too - - which isn't encrypted, though, which makes it not really useful to add support for it in SCUMM Revisited.
  • Added a "Save As .WAV" button to the .VOC specific info. I never included it before, as I wasn't quite sure if the VOC to WAV conversion was 100% correct, but as people seem to bypass it anyway, and as I can't see anything wrong with it, I didn't see a reason to make it harder for people to save as .WAV :)
  • Implemented some more functionability in the palette viewer (Selection of palette items by clicking on the list or the palette area).
  • Fixed a bug which caused an access violation whenever you tried to click the palette listbox in the palette viewer after having viewed BOXD boxes.
  • Added lots of new specifications to the help file - and corrected some stuff that has changed since last revision. May 13, 1999
  • Added support for the CMI BOMP images (mainly used for all the inventory graphics).
  • Fixed a bug added with the better structuring of sound decoding - the .WAV files in Grim archives would not decompress.
  • Worked around a bug causing read-only files (such as those copied from CDROM to harddisk) to be inaccessible.
  • Added info (for most of which the purpose is not yet known) for AKHD (Actor Header) block.
  • Changed descriptions of AK** blocks to something more likely (although not necessarily correct). April 19, 1999
  • Added support for playing and ripping voices from The Dig (not music yet).
  • Added support for playing and ripping of the X-Wing Alliance .IMC files and opening of the XWA video files. (Nope, no viewing).
  • Fixed an NT specific bug (for those few who can actually run the program on NT) related to opening files with annotations and/or flash files turned on when no files are present in the FLASH and ANNOT directories.
  • Improved annotation saving to delete empty keys.
  • Made it possible to mark (and thus copy) the block offset in the General Info panel in order to make sharing of offsets easier.
  • Removed the Save Image... button as saving can be done after viewing the image, and as multiple images (or images with multiple palettes) could not be saved using that button anyway, unless I added a dialog, which would make viewing the image and then saving exactly as fast as saving using the button. March 24, 1999
  • Finally fixed the GF voice bug. All GF voices (and, as it appears, probably other stuff too) that didn't decompress without noises before, now does.
  • Added the Goto function to the Hex Viewer.
  • Fixed a range error with playing Dig samples.
  • Temporarily fixed an IE5 annoyance causing hints for the Explorer tree to remain on the screen - by turning them off completely. I hope to have a better solution later on. March 20, 1999
  • Added viewing of GF .MAT material files.
  • Added extraction and playing of GF .IMU files.
  • Added a Save As menu item to the image and material windows to allow saving of all images with any palette applied.
  • Added support for Amiga Monkey Island 2 and Fate of Atlantis(?) images (the colors displayed wrong before), as well as Amiga MIDIs (AMI).
  • Added a bit more support for the Amiga .ims files.
  • Fixed the Room Width = 0 bug.
  • Updated the Help file with some new info and the new section "How To..." which describes exactly how to find the resources you're looking for. March 15, 1999
  • Added extraction and playing of CMI music and voices.
  • Added support for the rest of the CMI script types (VERB, ENCD, EXCD).
  • Added a Stop Sound! menu item to the tools menu.
  • Made files entered directly into the Input File edit box be saved to the recent files list.
  • Forced the .wav extension on .wav files. March 9, 1999
  • Improved the Search tool:
    • Added ability to search through annotations.
    • Added case-insensivity.
    • Improved double-click block expansion.
  • Added support for the Actor Costume RGBS block, which seems to contain the color RGB values used by the costume.
  • Fixed all occurences of Big Endian vs. Little Endian - for some reason I've always had a way of confusing the two - usually thinking that Little Endian is the Intel format, while it is the Motorola format (at least I think so, right now :) - i.e. Big Endian is the way we normally write numbers - with the least significant byte last (The "Big End" first :). Thankfully I sorted this out before someone was kind enough to correct me :) March 6, 1999
  • Added playing and extraction of CMI and The Dig sound effects (not music yet).
  • Added the tiny bit of information that is contained within the TRNS block (although I'm not sure of the meaning yet). March 4, 1999
  • Fixed image codec 0x40.
  • Fixed a bug causing annotations done for bundle files (.lab and .bun) to not be displayed.
  • Added support for multiple images in OBIM blocks.
  • Added support for multiple palettes in rooms.
  • Changed OFFS viewer to display both decimal and hex offsets.
  • Fixed BOXD viewer to work perfectly (hopefully) with all image codecs.
  • Improved BOXD splitter layouts.
  • Made the selected box easier to spot when viewing in front of backgrounds (hope you don't hate that too much - not exactly stylish, but more functionable :). March 3, 1999
  • Added the rest of the CMI codecs (which are also used for the earlier games), meaning that now all (well, I think so) images, both backgrounds and object images (apart from the BOMP images) can be viewed - from the games: Secret of Monkey Island, Monkey Island 2, Fate of Atlantis, Day of the Tentacle, Sam & Max, Full Throttle, The Dig and Curse of Monkey Island. March 2, 1999
  • Fixed the so-called "experimental codecs" - they now work perfectly! Also added a couple of additional codecs, which means that all (most?) backgrounds from Secret of Monkey Island, Monkey Island 2 and Fate of Atlantis should now decompress perfectly, without any white strips!
  • Added Creative Voice File (.voc) player. March 1, 1999
  • Dynamically linked hhctrl.ocx to allow the program to run at all on machines not supporting HTMLHelp. Oops!
  • Added "A help item for this block does not yet exist." dialog for use with the popup menu's Help... item, which previously displayed a HTMLHelp error message. February 28, 1999
  • First release.
1.0.0.x Not released
  • Original HighLand version.