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For all those of you who haven't heard of this program yet, it is the one we used at HighLand Productions to rip MIDIs from the brilliant LucasArts adventures for mixing and releasing. But as you'll see from the information on these pages, it does much more than that...

What SCUMM Revisited basically does is allowing you to go explore in the world of SCUMM resource files - the files containing all the scripts, music, images, animations, dialogue etc. of the SCUMM adventure games from LucasArts. It allows you to get tons of info on these files, get a glance into how the games were scripted, look at the stunning graphics and listen to the music without having to run the games themselves. Screenshot

SCUMM Revisited is based on an original program called SCUMM Viewer, written by Peter Kelly of AGI project fame. Very few have seen this program, as he decided to head on to other things before having finished it (although he has now decided to release the code - you can find it at LucasHacks!). As it turned out, the program was able to open some of the resource files for SCUMM games and show the structure as well as dumping each block to disk. Peter handed me the source code for it, and I started adding to it all the stuff I had found out on my own.

SCUMM Revisited is freeware, runs on Win95/98 (not NT) - as well as Win2000 according to some testers (I haven't tested it thoroughly myself yet) - and is available for download here, as well as on the LucasHacks! page. Notice that although the program IS called SCUMM Revisited, it is also able to open some non-SCUMM game files, such as the ones from Grim Fandango. Also notice that SCUMM Revisited has nothing to do with the SCRAMM Project, except for the fact that both are results of my interest in SCUMM. The SCRAMM Project started out as a SCUMM Clone Project, but today has nothing to do with SCUMM, apart from being an adventure creation tool.

Since March 24 1999, 15625 people have revisited SCUMM.

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